When picking a dog, its breed is always a strong point of discussion. Each breed is known for a specific set of traits, strengths and weaknesses. The most important of them all is usually the ability to smell, which almost singlehandedly gives dogs a certain superiority over other pets.

Up next is hearing ability. All dogs come with hearing ability, but some hear way better than others. This variation is best attributed to differences in breed and genetics. Below, we look at the 4 major dog breeds that come with the best hearing ability.

Why You Need A Dog with Good Hearing

Before you can start breed-hopping, you need to know why a dog with good hearing abilities is the one you need. For starters, a dog with good hearing powers makes for better security. Good smelling abilities might help a dog sniff out intruders and other bad actors, but proper hearing ability enables it to pick out unusual sounds too.

Good hearing abilities also make dogs better companions, especially if they’re in service to someone, such as a disabled person. In such cases, good hearing is a necessary ability. Because the person in need may not always be alert enough for their own safety, a wide-hearing dog always comes in handy.

The Dog Breeds with The Best Hearing Abilities

As noted above, not all dog breeds have top-notch hearing ability. While all normal dogs hear well enough, some have rather low hearing ranges despite having visibly bigger ears. A few dog breeds stand out for great hearing, including the top 4 below:

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are already popular choices for pets and it’s easy to see why. In addition to their well-developed ears, golden retrievers also have a naturally-occurring superb hearing sense.

Dog lovers have always taken advantage of this; this breed is always a top pick when choosing dogs to train for hunting. Their hearing abilities also makes them smart choices for security.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are always top choices for service dogs and not because they’re cute or cuddly. It’s their immense hearing ability that makes them sensible choices.

The cuteness is just an added factor (Labrador pups are such furry beauties). Service dogs need to have high senses of smell and hearing in order to be of value to the person they’re playing companion to, so it makes full sense.

Cocker Spaniels

Ever wonder why many families get themselves a beautiful Cocker Spaniel for a pet? Mostly because they’ve got a highly commendable hearing and smelling abilities, which makes them ideal for protecting and serving a family. And judging by the Cocker Spaniel’s large, droopy ears, this is not a stretch.


Ever lovely and always ready to please, poodles are great choices for pets. And despite not growing as big as the other dog breeds on this list, they’ve also been singled out consistently for high hearing ability. Suddenly, those cute, unusually droopy ears make sense.